A Dream of the Other (Lucid Dream 091516)

In this morning’s dream, I encountered the Double. Not my double, but double of two of my friends: Cristiana C. and Pam H. This was also a lucid dream, as I became quite aware early on that I was dreaming.

The dream:

I recall that I was awakened in my current apartment by Cristiana, who was cleaning the house, and told me that I needed to get up, as there was work to be done today. She was going about the room, picking things up, and began vaccuuming. I told her that wasn’t necessary, as workmen would be arriving soon, and we would have more to do after they were done.

Indeed, workmen did arrive, and there was much activity. Cristiana became involved with supervising them, and I went outside to see what was being done.

I met my brother, and we were preparing to work with a variety of potted plants, which we were apparently planning to plant in the yard. I examined the plants, some small ones in those little plastic pots that nurseries use. I found the plants to be moving, a kind of a cross between a plant and perhaps something like an anemone. They moved gently on their own, and would react to my touch.

Once again, I met with Cristiana, who now was in the yard. She was digging holes for the new plants. As my brother and I moved back into the apartment, I found that new extensions had been added – new rooms. The one bedroom apartment had become a house. Once again I met with Cristiana, and it was then that I realized that she had a double.

Moving outside again, I called my brother over and whispered to him that this was a dream, that I was dreaming. He seemed not to hear, or at least didn’t react. Some workmen approached us, and I moved away to another part of the yard.

At this point, I encountered my friend, Pam. We talked, and while talking, I could see across the yard a second Pam. This second Pam approached us, and the first Pam turned to her. I whispered that I thought this was her double, and then said softly, “I’ll leave you two alone.”

I then began to look for my brother, and as I walked about, I thought that it would be easier if I could see all of the yard and house at the same time. I could see a high wall at the edge of the property, about 6 or 7 feet high. I thought, “Well, if I am dreaming, I should be able to leap to the top of that.” I took a few wide steps, then leapt (almost like floating) to the top of the wall. I felt pretty clever having figured that out. From the wall, I could see far and wide. A pleasant little town stretched out, with trees and a variety of homes and modest commercial buildings.

Then I awoke.

I have no interest in interpreting the dream from a viewpoint of “What did it mean?” Rather, I found it curious about the appearances of doubles, the Other, and that it was not MY double that I met, but those of my friends.

Over morning coffee, I wondered if they had encountered similar dreams. I then decided to try to capture the dream in an artwork – and so collaged up a piece made up of various images from the “Pilgrim” book.

This collage is not an effort to understand the dream, but to express how the dream experience felt. I share this story in case Cristiana C. and Pam H. might derive some benefit from it. Without sounding too “mystical,” who really knows the “why” inside of a dream. Like waking life, they should first be experienced, and any subsequent “meaning” may take years to appear, if any concrete meaning ever appears.

Waking and dreaming life is like the lotus, always unfolding.

Postscript: There is a painting, or a graphic novel, in here somewhere…

You can download a full-size PDF of the image (if you wish…)

PDF of Dream091516

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