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A Dream of the Other (Lucid Dream 091516)

A Dream of the Other (Lucid Dream 091516) In this morning’s dream, I encountered the Double. Not my double, but double of two of my friends: Cristiana C. and Pam H. This was also a lucid dream, as I became… Continue Reading →

Spontaneous Painting

Spontaneous Painting August 1, 2016 I am a proponent of spontaneous painting. Sometimes I simply see something, and think: “That would make a great painting.” I also think of the old cartoon of the painter, brushes in hand, shouting to… Continue Reading →

Two new paintings in casein

Two new paintings in casein I’ve have completed two new paintings in casein. Why? Because I was looking for an option to oils, since I plan to be working through a series of paintings rather quickly, the same approach I… Continue Reading →

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