“PILGRIM” – the new graphic novel by Stephen Michael Barnes

Pilgrim - Stephen Michael Barnes - thesubtleworld.comPilgrim: A graphic novel about a man on a pilgrimage, for reasons unclear, and to a destination unknown. Prompted by a dream of freedom, he leaves his job and home only to find himself in a pathless desert. He longs for something that he can’t quite define, and finds himself in a world of dreams, on a quest that leads him through mysteries and enigmas. Where is he going… and why?

“Pilgrim” is the work of Stephen Michael Barnes (”SMB”) and is based on sketches from his personal journal. He currently lives and works in Arizona.



What people are saying about Pilgrim:

“Fabulous” – Cile S.

“… mysterious, soulful, and playful.” – Abigail R.

“After I had been reading for awhile, I began to feel that the book was reading me” – James F.

“…and then I cried. Very surprising. Very beautiful.” – Lisa L.

“It’s a meditation. I find myself caught up in particular pages at different times.” – Steve F.

“Pilgrim” received a review on Lulu.com:

“This graphic novel is like a guided meditation. I just finished this book and I loved it. Very different from other graphic novels. More than just a simple story, the tale is told almost exclusively in images rather than words. Very unique, and a book to be read again and again, almost like poetry. I can see why this book is described as both “art” and “spirituality.” I recommend “Pilgrim” for anyone who might enjoy poetry and mysterious, mythical tales.”
Thank You to the reviewer (wherever you are…)

Pilgrim graphic novel by Stephen Michael BarnesPilgrim graphic novel by Stephen Michael BarnesPilgrim graphic novel by Stephen Michael Barnes

Pilgrim graphic novel by Stephen Michael BarnesPilgrim graphic novel by Stephen Michael Barnes

Stephen Michael Barnes has worked as an illustrator, designer, and web developer in WordPress. His life-long passion has been drawing and painting.

He is an unrepentant sketcher, and is working on a book about the practice of daily sketching as a means of self-discovery. The basis for “Pilgrim” was developed out of his journals of daily sketches.

Stephen has worked in studio painting, drawing, watercolors and a variety of other media during the course of his career. An autodidact by nature, and preference, Stephen delves into whatever technologies or knowledge that will aid in the successful creation of the projects of his imagination.

Artist’s Statement, 2017:

A painting exists on several levels simultaneously. This is an alchemical transformation, a trans-substantiation.

My artmaking is a blend of traditional and digital methods and media. My recent paintings are the summation of a creation process that can involve many steps. Sometimes I begin directly on the canvas, at other times I work with photographs, drawings, watercolors or other preexisting imagery that in one way or another has prompted some kind of response or connection in me as preparation of the next step of creating the object painting. My process then can include digital creation or altering of my photographs or drawings, the use of chance and synchronicity, or direct painting – whatever the steps may be to coalesce the pieces of my imagery into a harmonious whole. I think of the final work as a “meaningful object”.

Useful Quote:

“Some day, if we’re lucky (or simply humble), we will realize our true nature (even if we do not understand it), and having found the pearl, we can then tie our shoelaces, comb our hair, and get to work. Don’t worry, it will all happen as it will, and anyway Damascus will always be there for you.”
– From “Pilgrim” graphic novel.

April 24, 2017

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