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The Reddog Journal, 1993 – Ernest Hogan, Emily Devenport, Stephen Barnes, Julie Noterman

The Reddog Journal was an experiment in online, electronic publication. Originally developed as a community information service, “Faxmo” was a fax-on-demand system built by Phillip Esch and Stephen Michael Barnes. By calling the number on a fax or faxmodem, a person could enter the code numbers and have the latest Red Dog page delivered to them.

Serendipitously, another cutting-edge technology was just arriving in Phoenix: the Internet.

The RedDog would soon be made available on the Internet, through the gopher server at the first Internet provider in Phoenix, Internet Direct.

Of course, this was 1993, and within a year, the Red Dog Journal became a website – a 1994 website, with grey backgrounds, all text flush left, and a few GIFS (some animated…) Here’s a Wayback Machine version!

The Red Dog Journal lasted through several issues over the course of a couple of years, then, as it often happens, everyone became busy with other projects.

Still, the joy was in the adventure of imagination, discovery and creation, and that was what the Journal was really about after all.

The Reddog Journal (at 2017)

From the first issue of the Red Dog Journal 1993:

The RedDog Journal
Winter 1993
Volume 1 ; Number 1
Published by Informa

Published quarterly in both print and electronic formats.

All copyrights remain the property of the respective author.

The Reddog Journal is accessible by fax.

Cover illustration by Julie Noterman copyright 1993.

Email to

An introduction to The Red Dog Journal.

The RedDog is a spiral. It was conceived, first and foremost, as an anthology magazine to showcase the works of artists. writers, poets, thinkers and dreamers who are primarily based in Phoenix, Arizona. From there the spiral of the RedDog winds outward to All of Arizona and the Southwestern states, to the West Coast, than outward again to the nation, the world, and the neighboring galaxies.

The RedDog believes that ideas and dreams are what drive our world and our various (varied) existences . It Is the quality and nature of these dreams that determine our past, our Now and our future. Small dreams create small worlds. Large dreams produce the cosmos: both the pleasant and the unpleasant, the light and the darkness are revealed In large dreams. We create ourselves out of our dreamings.

The RedDog believes that there Is much wealth of perception, insight, and significant contribution here in the desert, and that there is a need for a single point of focus. The RedDog intends to be that focus.

The RedDog is an experiment, overseen by volunteers and friends. We are a Temporary Autonomous Zone (see Red Dog Journal Vol. l , No.1). We come and we go, appearing and then vanishing again .

The RedDog is a cooperative , a form of enterprise based on mutual aid . At this point, no one gets paid. The print versions are limited in number, and whatever copies are available (there is no set number per edition) most are given away for free.

The RedDog Is primarily an electronic journal (available on the Internet). The electronic version is offered for free through the FaxMo system for fax copies and on the Internet. More on that later.

The editors wish to thank all of the contributors to the Red Dog Journal #1:
Ernest Hogan, Emily Devenport, Brian Flatgard, Robert Anderson, Misha, Audra Esch, Hakim Bey and Autonomedia, and especially Julie Noterman. The Red Dog Journal also wishes to thank David P. Brown (thanks for the ride), Phillip C. Esch at PC Soft-E, and Dennis Hallick (graphics) for their generous support.Together we build the future.

The electronic version is available via the Internet at on their gopher server under “Journals” or via anonymous ftp at

To access the Red Dog Journal by fax or fax modem, call FaxMo (by fax or faxmodem) at 678-0338 and after following the instruction prompts, request either document 0003 for a general directory of fax accessible materials, including the Red Dog Journal or 0190 for the current directory of Red Dog

Thanks to Internet Direct – Arizona’s Internet Connection· (274-0100) for their services and support.

Thank you to all .
The Publisher, The Red Dog Journal.

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